Kid$Vest is the evolution of ideas from Greg A. Fouks’ knowledge and experience in the financial services industry, and his wish to ‘pay it forward’ to all American kids. Greg wants every kid who puts in a modest amount of effort to achieve their own personal American Dream. The organization’s mission is “building youth wealth through financial education and investment action.”

The lack of financial literacy learned by kids at home and in our school systems is having a disastrous effect on the lives and retirements of the millennial and younger generations.  It is simply a continuation of what has already happened to many baby boomers and gen-X’s. They have learned budgeting, saving, and investment skills too late in life. For example, over 56% of American workers have saved less than $10,000 for retirement. The wealth gap this scenario has created, or the division between the haves and have-nots in America, is detrimental to our economy and society.

No more! Kid$Vest has the simple strategy of teaching youth financial knowledge and investment action steps so the power of compound interest can positively impact their lives today and when they retire.  You can learn this information on this site, through the book The Kid$Vest Project, The Kid$Vest Financial Binder or in communities where the Kid$Vest Model is being initiated. Of course, you could always start a grass roots movement to bring the Kid$Vest Model to your community, if one doesn’t exist.  

So, if you are a kid (especially between the ages 10-20), or you are a parent/teacher who wants to make sure your kids and students don’t make the same financial mistakes we did, then you have come to the right place.  Use this site to gain information and knowledge to achieve your financial goals. Check out the Financial Education and Wealth Steps sections of this website to gain knowledge. Then use the Services and Kid$Club Membership sections to initiate action steps (i.e., start your own Roth IRA).  By becoming a member you can also learn from and share stories of your budget, saving, and investment successes and failures.  Finally, sign up for the Kid$Vest Blog so you continue to get weekly/monthly articles that can help you become financially secure.

We can all learn together to become financially secure and dramatically change the way we live now and in retirement. Welcome to Kid$Vest World!