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Your Financial DreamLife Journey

Whatever your budgeting, saving, or investing motivations, Kid$Vest tools will help you succeed!





Roth IRA

For Kids

You found us—Awesome! Now how do you become financialy secure?

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We hope you are getting personal finance education from your parents or teachers, but we know this isn’t always true. And there no time to waste, especially if you are between the ages 10 and 20. These are what I call your ‘target investing years.’ They are the years you can take advantage of the Miracle of Compound Interest. Yes, if you work at home or have a part/full time summer job and put a few dollars in a Roth IRA, your retirement may be financially secure in 40-45 years.

Hard to believe I know, but start reviewing the Financial Education, Wealth Steps,  Services sections, or our Kid$Vest Blog for the information and tools to make your DreamLife happen. And if you want to become a Kid$Club Member, you can share your stories of success and failure with other kids. That way we can all learn together! As importantly, membership allows you to start a Roth IRA account that will guarantee your financial future, not matter what career path you choose or that chooses you.

So, welcome to Kid$Vest and “let the games begin.”


For Parents & Teachers

What you can do to help your kids and students become financially secure?

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Research tells us that most kids are not learning enough financial education on their own, or at home and in school. They typically are learning through the school of hard knocks--experience. And the mistakes they encounter along this journey are likely ones we have already made. Why shouldn't we stop them from making these same mistakes, especially when they are young enough to make a significant difference in their lives?

Look around our website, use the information to first learn yourself and then share information with your kids and students. The earlier you teach them about financial literacy, investment action steps and the beauty of compound interest, the faster your kids and students will become financially secure. If you need to, pick up a copy of The Kid$Vest Project, our book sharing our principles and goals that can make any parent or educator knowledgeable about financial literacy.

For Your Community

How can your community help kids and students become financially secure?

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Once individuals come together and champion the Kid$Vest’s principles, we can begin to restore kid’s faith in the American Dream--one community at a time. It’s a way of reducing the wealth gap so prevalent in our country. Kid$Vest stakeholders include school administration, school board, business teachers, community business leaders, and students.

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With Kid$Vest assistance, they will form the Kid$Vest Committee (KVC) and make sure the Model is successful. The attached chart shows these stakeholders and their roles in bringing the Kid$Vest Model “to life” in your community.

Kid$Vest will help you design a customized model that fits your community perfectly. The program will be organized and run by the student group, with assistance from all the rest of us.  Goals of any program include:

  • K-12 financial curriculum modules and classes introduced
  • Teacher training on personal finance
  • Initiation of the Kid$Vest Financial Binder by all students
  • Action steps—especially starting and funding their first Roth IRA

So, if you are interested in starting a grass roots organization in your community, simply go to the Contact section and call or email Kid$Vest. We’ll help you every step of the way!

Kid$Vest Financial Services & Tools

The Kid$Vest Project:

Greg’s book on financial literacy. It shares how parents, teachers, and communities can inspire their kids to budget, save, and invest in their dreams. Of course, financially interested or mature kids can also read it and take early control of their own financial life.

The Kid$Vest Financial Binder:

The Strategic Plan that kids can use to secure their financial future.  The binder includes a Three Year Personal Assessment, Master Service & Vendor List, Net Worth Statement, Spending Plan or Budget, Investment Strategy, Credit Rating Information, and Financial Wealth Steps. Kids can prepare and update this annually to make sure they are following a specific plan for achieving their financial goals.

Kid$Vest Model for Your Community:

If you want to bring a Kid$Vest Model program to your city, we can help you make that happen.  Then all your peers will have the opportunity to learn personal finance information and action steps together.  It will positively change the way your community lives and grows.

Personal Finance Webinars:

Check the schedule for periodic webinars on personal finance topics and action steps for your free participation.

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