The Kid$Vest Project
The Kid$Vest Project
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Kid$Vest Financial Binder
Kid$Vest Financial Binder
Wouldn’t it be great if kids (or parents for that matter) were able to keep all their personal and financial information in one place? Well, Kid$Vest has designed a Financial Binder to do just that. It is a Strategic Plan for kids and includes the following components:
  • Personal Assessment & Financial Goals Statement
  • Master Service & Vendor List
  • Net Worth Statement
  • Spending Plan or Budget
  • Youth Investment Strategy
  • Credit Rating
  • Wealth Steps—“Stairway to Financial Heaven”
If you are between the ages 10-20, annually filling out the Kid$Vest Financial Binder will absolutely put you on a personal path to financial security. It can be completed manually or electronically. Enjoy!
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