Once individuals come together and champion the Kid$Vest’s principles, we can begin to restore kid’s faith in the American Dream--one community at a time. It’s a way of reducing the wealth gap so prevalent in our country. Kid$Vest stakeholders include school administration, school board, business teachers, community business leaders, and students.

With Kid$Vest assistance, they will form the Kid$Vest Committee (KVC) and make sure the Model is successful. The attached chart shows these stakeholders and their roles in bringing the Kid$Vest Model “to life” in your community.

Kid$Vest will help you design a customized model that fits your community perfectly. The program will be organized and run by the student group, with assistance from all the rest of us. Goals of any program include:

  • K-12 financial curriculum modules and classes introduced
  • Teacher training on personal finance
  • Initiation of the Kid$Vest Financial Binder by all students
  • Action steps—especially starting and funding their first Roth IRA

So, if you are interested in starting a grass roots organization in your community, simply go to the Contact section and call or email Kid$Vest. We’ll help you every step of the way!